Biotechnology and nature come together in a formula as unusual as it is unbeatable: DNA Nature Multi-Action Hispreme Cream, our new multi-action cream designed to act with maximum efficiency on skin that shows the signs of aging. It belongs to our MASSMED treatment range, a cosmeceutical line created to respond to the new demands of the skin that offers visible, immediate and long-lasting results.

DNA Nature Multi-Action Hispreme Cream is a face cream with a light texture and immediate absorption, which acts globally and effectively on the skin of the face thanks to its combination of natural ingredients and biotechnological active ingredients with unique properties.

Among the ingredients that make up the new DNA Nature Multi-Action Hispreme Cream highlights the outbreaks of pink radish, source of isothiocyanates, flavonoids, amino acids and vitamins. His epigenetic action protects and repairs DNA, while promoting cell regeneration and collagen synthesis. In addition, it has a great antioxidant action that moisturizes the skin in depth.

This innovative formula treasures a exclusive marine volcanic active derived from a microorganism from Reunion Island, and that arises from the union of the waters that bathe this remote island with the lava of its volcanoes. Thanks to its action, the deepest wrinkles are filled and the skin is restored.

Adding to this unique combination are the bacuri seeds –from a sustainable nature– that stimulate cellular metabolism and star anise, whose effect antiaging reduces wrinkles while preventing their appearance. The formula is completed with dolomite, a mineral that optimizes intercellular connection. This set of ingredients acts in perfect synergy on the skin of the face, providing a complete action.

  • Its epigenetic action repairs and protects DNA, providing smooth and rejuvenated skin.
  • It stimulates cellular metabolism giving the skin youth and beauty.

DNA Nature Multi-Action Hispreme Cream de Massada is indicated for use morning and night, on mature skin over 40 years of age or from 35 years of age in the case of prematurely aged skin. It offers visible results in just 14 days, reducing the area and volume of wrinkles.

What are you waiting for to experience a real change in the appearance of your skin?


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