Have you heard of them? Do you know what they are and what their benefits are? Read on and find out what they can do for your skin.

Prebiotics are a special class of dietary fibers that increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestine and decrease the number of potentially pathogenic microorganisms. However, in addition to regenerating the intestinal flora, they are also necessary to take care of our cutaneous flora.

Our body is covered by millions of microorganisms that form a microbiological barrier called the microbiota. For every square centimeter of skin we have 1 million microorganisms. Did you know this amazing fact? This barrier contributes to the immune defense of the skin to guarantee its beauty and health. The bacteria that compose it can be beneficial or pathogenic and there must be a balance between the two.

There are numerous factors that negatively affect the balance of our microbiota: solar radiation, environmental and domestic pollution, stress, the weather, colds and flu, etc.

When this balance is disturbed, our defense barrier weakens and makes it easier for irritating substances to enter. In this way, inflammatory diseases, infections, allergies appear... In addition, there is a thinning of our epidermis because it loses water.

All these external factors that damage our skin on a daily basis are a challenge for the cosmetic industry. At Massada we are constantly researching to create innovative products from the best of nature and the most advanced biotechnology. On this occasion, we have opted to incorporate the benefits of prebiotics in one of our latest launches: Prebiotics Skin Calming. A vegetable biocellulose mask suitable for all skin types, but especially for the most reactive and sensitive.

Contains prebiotics of marine origin from Plankton whose action balances, strengthens and reinforces the skin's microbiota, strengthening its defensive barrier. The serum that permeates this mask also contains plant extracts and essential oils that provide a pleasant sensation of well-being, freshness and comfort to the skin. As a result, redness is reduced and tightness and dryness are calmed.

Prebiotics act on the skin by activating the regeneration of the natural flora so that it recovers and balances itself. Introducing them into your beauty routine will help you be healthier and more beautiful. What are you waiting for to experience its beneficial action on your skin?

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