Everyone knows the world of well-being and balance in Japan. Their slim, healthy bodies with soft, velvety skin cared for in the traditional way with essences, baths and massages have led Massada to create a special treatment that allows us to get closer to the great Myth of Beauty. This treatment is intensified with the most current products on the market together with solid research to enhance the action of the treatment. Especially suitable for all people who want to feel something different on their skin and energize their body through the hot springs and the exclusive ECOA massage based on the Japanese technique Shi - Atsu (finger - pressure), and hot tourmalines that give off heat energy. .

Approx duration: 60-75 minutes


It helps calm stress, relaxes the muscles, balances the body, activates the skin's natural defenses, improves microcirculation.



Bio-Cellular Synergy, Eau de Fleur Thermal Water with the Rose of Alexandria, Bio-Cellular Rosehip Oil, Algae Gel Wrap.

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