Since ancient times, human beings have sought to balance body, mind and spirit through meditation, sacred baths and plants. Massada creates a ritual that takes care of you inside and out thanks to the essences brought from the Far East and gems that help balance the Chakras. The 7 Chakras are energy centers of the human body made up of layers of energy that act as eddies that surround the physical body and vibrate at different frequencies. Green Tea moisturizes and provides a powerful antioxidant action, which defends the skin from free radical activity and keeps it strong. The Massage for the Senses balances and revitalizes the physical and energetic body. A walk through the Far East, in which body and mind fully reveal their potential for beauty and balance.

Approx duration: 75 minutes

Action: Facial and body


Balances and revitalizes the physical and energetic body. Remineralizes, hydrates and nourishes the skin. Eliminates dead cells, unifies the tone and slows down cellular aging. Improves muscle and joint back pain, neuralgia, nervousness...Ideal after sun exposure, heat, dehydration or irregular sleep.


Orange Essential Oil, Dead Sea Exfoliating Salts with Green Tea, Green Tea Oil, Sensitive Skin Cleansing Milk, Sensitive Skin Toner.

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