Massada has created an exclusive treatment that allows us to approach a special world of soft perfumes and semi-precious stones to improve physical, mental and emotional fitness through the textures and aromas of the Bali Sea.

Feel the green jade and pink quartz on your skin. Combine it with the strength of Red Jasper and White Rock Crystal and you will reap the full benefits of their energy. The essence of the Orchid also favors the mobilization of vital energy.

This is a ritual especially suitable for people who wish to enjoy its multisensory properties, activate cell regeneration and remineralize the skin to achieve a sense of balance and well-being throughout their body and mind.

Approx duration: 75 minutes

Action: Facial and body


Relaxing and calming. Ideal to recover energy and improve the problems of dry, rough, scaly skin and sensitive skin that has suffered aggressions from cold, wind and sun. Lightens skin blemishes, soothes irritations and leaves skin soft and smooth.


Orchid Essential Oil, Pearl Gelatin and Yogurt with Trace Elements, Sesame Oil, Sensitive Skin Tonic, Veil Mask, Total Moisturizing Cream.

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