Massada Cleansing And Firming Brush
INCREASE THE RESULTS OF YOUR TREATMENT WITH THE NEW MASSADA CLEANSING AND FIRMING BRUSH. Silicone brush designed for all skin types. Its micro-vibrating and concentric high-frequency impulses, combined with its double personalized silicone soft contact area and the concentric convex...
Ions Beauty Booster, designed to be used together with Massada products, is the perfect complement to boost the results of your facial care routine. It beautifies and perfects the skin of the face, neck and décolletage thanks to the advanced...
Massroller Body Sculptor
This body massager for daily use and easy to use acts on cellulite, orange peel skin and localized fat, seeking visibly firmer and smoother skin. A remodeling treatment that combines a system of LED lights with radiofrequency, EMS (muscle electrostimulation)...
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