essence of violet
Exquisite perfume highly valued since ancient times for its relaxing and calming virtues.
orchid essence
It mobilizes vital energy and is an essence of cleansing and transformation, it gives peace and balance.
lemon essential oil
Essential oil with a relaxing and toning effect, ideal for revitalizing the skin.
lavender essential oil
Helps reduce wrinkles in a natural way. In addition, it is balancing and calming.
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lotus essence
Considered in mythologies as a sign of light and life, it is the perfect complement to aromatize spaces.
rosemary essential oil
In addition to being anti-fatigue, toning and muscle relaxant, it also promotes hair growth.
orange essential oil
Orange Essential Oil with regenerating and exfoliating power.
verbena essential oil
Essential oil with balancing and decontracting properties. Helps reduce skin conditions and stress.
Aloe Essence
Essential oil with a sweet and concentrated aroma, which regenerates and calms irritated skin.
Rose absolute essential oil
Essential oil highly appreciated for its wide variety of properties and uses: balsamic, firming... Helps fight wrinkles.
patchouli essential oil
Anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory and aphrodisiac.
Niauli essential oil
Ideal for stimulating, toning and regenerating the skin.
cinnamon essential oil
Toning, general stimulant and aphrodisiac.
tea tree essential oil
It has dermoprotective, regenerating and toning properties. It is ideal for anti-acne treatments.
thyme essential oil
It provides vitality, protects and stimulates the skin, as well as being an effective hair tonic.
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