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bearberry whitening extract
Indicated for skin with pigmentation spots and acne. This effective extract based on Uva Ursi prevents the formation of spots and unifies the natural tone of the skin. Contains gallic tannins.
Purifying Whitening Hydrogel
Cleansing gel for daily use that cleanses and purifies the skin, removing traces of makeup and impurities. Its fresh and light texture blends perfectly, providing a comfortable sensation of cleanliness and freshness. Helps unify skin tone, achieving a smoother, finer,...
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Complete whitening moisturizer spf 25-pa+++
Moisturizing cream for daily use that improves and unifies skin tone without destroying melanocytes, and hydrates it from the inside thanks to the effective Massada moisturizing complex. The result is a more uniform, smooth and retexturized skin.
Whitening antiaging cream
Night cream for daily use with nourishing properties. Indicated for mature skin prone to spots. Its rich formula stimulates metabolism by oxygenating and eliminating metabolic waste. Unifies skin tone without irritating. Rich in antioxidants, it helps prevent the formation of...
Purifying Whitening Emulsion
Moisturizing and purifying emulsion that unifies the face and prevents the appearance of spots without destroying melanocytes. Its naturally-derived whitening active ingredients exert a powerful lightening action, allowing the skin to recover its natural tone and reducing blemishes. Provides deep...
whitening mask
Unifies skin tone creating a noticeably more even and radiant appearance. This effective mask prevents and lightens stains produced by the passage of time, pregnancy, the sun and acne thanks to its complex formula based on Uva Ursi and Mimosa....
Purifying Whitening Toner
Prevents and corrects pigment spots by oxygenating and stimulating cell metabolism. Purifies and hydrates the tissues. Lemon essential oil and trace elements provide antiseptic and antioxidant properties.
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