DNA Nature 5 in 1 Eye Contour
Elevate your look to the maximum power with this prodigious concentrate of natural biotechnological active ingredients that smoothes wrinkles, minimizes bags, reduces dark circles, treats ptosis and repairs DNA. As a result of the abundant wealth of Mediterranean waters, a...
Sensitive Skin Tonic
Soothing and strengthening facial toner with prebiotics for sensitive, fragile and irritated skin. Biotechnological marine prebiotics balance the facial flora, which acts as a defense barrier for the skin. It has decongestant and soothing properties. Its application is essential for...
Beauty and youth enhancing serum that deeply nourishes thanks to its high-performance formula composed of an exclusive marine prebiotic with rebalancing action. Its concentrate of active ingredients, such as vegan hyaluronic acid, intensely moisturizes and soothes the skin. HOW TO...
Bio Celular Botanic Eye Make-Up Remover
Quickly and effectively removes the most resistant eye and lip makeup thanks to this powerful biphasic formula based on floral extracts. A natural and innovative solution compatible with sensitive eyes and the use of contact lenses.
Bio Celular Botanic Micellar Water
Fusion of botanical extracts that removes make-up in depth in a single gesture. Its floral micelles effectively capture dirt particles, eliminating any type of residue. Soothes and softens the skin, giving it a silky appearance.
Veggie Comfort Cream
Intensely moisturizing and preventive formula whose secret lies in the antioxidant, repairing and purifying power of borage flower and Navarra thistle extracts, which also increase defenses and unify skin tone. The unique effect of these Km 0 natural ingredients is...
Bio celular radiance dd cream spf 25-pa+++
Anti-pollution Daily Defense Cream with a light natural color and a high concentration of pure extracts from organic plants rich in enzymes and vitamins, which prevent aging and oxidation. Its iridescent mineral pigments and satin texture create a healthy and...
Exfoliating dead sea salts with green tea
Dead Sea Salts rich in Natural Active Ingredients, Minerals, Trace Elements and Green Tea Oil. Prepares the skin for better results in specific treatments. Formulated with gentle exfoliating particles, it effectively removes dead cells and renews the skin. Refines and...
DNA Nature Multi-Action Supreme Cream
Biotechnology and nature come together in a formula as unusual as it is unbeatable. A multi-action cream that contains components whose effectiveness achieves smooth and rejuvenated skin. The epigenetic action of Rose Radish sprouts repairs DNA and your skin it...
Fruit Concentrate Peeling
Prodigiously renewed skin thanks to this natural facial scrub based on fruits and powerful biotechnological active ingredients. Formulated with pomegranate enzymes and lemon and orange extracts, it removes dead cells and roughness, providing softness and comfort to the skin. Turkish...
Biocellular Intensive Cell Renewal
Intensive cellular renewal scrub that unifies the general tone of the skin, helps to reduce and blur blemishes, wrinkles and irregularities, improving its vitality and defenses, giving the appearance of healthy and young skin.
Invisible pores skin refiner bio facial mask
Innovative second-skin effect mask, especially indicated for oily skin with enlarged pores and blackheads, and/or skin subjected to high levels of pollution.Its powerful oil-free formula based on active carbon and polysaccharides from natural biotechnology immediately reduces pores and excess oil,...
Prebiotics Skin Calming Bio Facial Mask
Extreme comfort with the Massada second-skin effect mask, especially indicated to reduce redness, calm and quench the most sensitive skin. Biotechnological marine prebiotics balance the facial flora, which acts as a defense barrier for the skin. The floral extracts of...
DNA Nature Skin Repairing Bio Facial Mask
The secret to instantly rejuvenated skin lies in the formula of this exceptional restorative mask. Its powerful biotechnological active ingredients from the land and the ocean, in combination with the most exquisite natural ingredients such as Dolomite and Star Anise,...
Christmas Chest Oily Skins
CHRISTMAS BOX FOR OILY SKINS with 25% DISCOUNT Complete beauty treatment that transforms lifeless and dry skin, restoring its vitality. Immediate action multivitamin ampoules prevent skin oxidation and premature ageing. For its part, the cream moisturizes in depth, protects the skin...
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