Mediterranean Body Oil
Moisturizing oil with a satin finish that sublimates the skin and envelops it with the evocative fragrance of Mediterranean fruits. With essential oils of orange and lemon, it revitalizes the skin and regenerates the tissues. It also helps calm various...
It acts on the microcirculation, helping to rest the feet and legs. Attacks hardness and roughness, and prevents mycosis.
Body milk lavender
Hydrates and decongests. Soothes skin irritations. Emulsion with a smooth texture and easy spread. For the most fragile, sensitive and delicate skin. Ideal for hydration and daily skin care.
Lymphatic drainage gel
Relaxes and relieves tired legs, refreshes and provides an immediate feeling of lightness and well-being. It leaves the skin smooth and soft and helps maintain its hydration.
Gel de Ducha Lymphatic drainage
Improves lymphatic and blood circulation, preventing fluid retention. Its refreshing action improves the feeling of tired legs.
lavender oil
Great relaxer for body and mind. Lavender Oil, thanks to its calming action, helps reduce nervousness and anguish, as well as combat insomnia.
Aromatherapy massage cream
Decontracting, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Its results are visible in just 10 minutes.
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