Energetic lifting complex cream
Indicated for skin that begins to perceive a lack of firmness, elasticity and dehydration. Reduces unsightly capillaries and helps the formation of new collagen fibers. HOW TO USE Apply every morning with circular toning movements on the face, neck and...
sensitive skin cream
Intense moisturizing cream for sensitive skin that softens and smoothes the skin. It strengthens the skin, protecting it from pollution and preventing the appearance of irritation and redness. In addition, biotechnological marine prebiotics balance the facial flora, which acts as...
Beauty and youth enhancing serum that deeply nourishes thanks to its high-performance formula composed of an exclusive marine prebiotic with rebalancing action. Its concentrate of active ingredients, such as vegan hyaluronic acid, intensely moisturizes and soothes the skin. HOW TO...
Hydrothermal cream for oily skin
Indicated for skin with impurities and dilated pores. It helps to oxygenate the tissues, close the pores and restores its smoothness and softness to the skin without drying it out.
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Bio cell regenerating cream
A cream that maintains skin hydration for 24 hours, reviving its luminosity and vitality. Soy and Rosehip reduce wrinkles and blemishes, while the Massada TM complex, rich in vitamins and minerals, combats the signs of premature aging thanks to its...
total moisturizing cream
Indicated for all skin types with a lack of hydration that are beginning to lose their firmness. It has moisturizing, firming, decontracting and anti-wrinkle properties. Softens rictus and expression wrinkles.
Bio Celular Botanic Eye Make-Up Remover
Quickly and effectively removes the most resistant eye and lip makeup thanks to this powerful biphasic formula based on floral extracts. A natural and innovative solution compatible with sensitive eyes and the use of contact lenses.
Pure hyaluronic firming effect
Facial concentrate with a lifting effect that treats from the inside the intense needs of lack of hydration and elasticity of the skin, visible from the first application. Its composition, rich in Hyaluronic Acid of the highest purity and in...
Bio Celular Botanic Micellar Water
Fusion of botanical extracts that removes make-up in depth in a single gesture. Its floral micelles effectively capture dirt particles, eliminating any type of residue. Soothes and softens the skin, giving it a silky appearance.
Veggie Comfort Cream
Intensely moisturizing and preventive formula whose secret lies in the antioxidant, repairing and purifying power of borage flower and Navarra thistle extracts, which also increase defenses and unify skin tone. The unique effect of these Km 0 natural ingredients is...
Multivitamin fusion
Revitalizing multivitamin concentrate, based on Chia and Pink Grapefruit extracts, which combines 7 essential vitamins and 100% natural active ingredients to prevent skin oxidation and premature ageing. Its immediate and cumulative action transforms lifeless and dry skin into a rejuvenated,...
Eau de fleur thermal water with the rose of alexandria
For constant hydration, each spray remineralizes and tones the skin, providing a pleasant sensation of freshness that revitalizes and soothes the complexion. Prevents dehydration and loss of moisture from the skin. Suitable for all skin types.
Bio celular radiance dd cream spf 25-pa+++
Anti-pollution Daily Defense Cream with a light natural color and a high concentration of pure extracts from organic plants rich in enzymes and vitamins, which prevent aging and oxidation. Its iridescent mineral pigments and satin texture create a healthy and...
Oily skin moisturizing gel
Especially indicated for acneic skins and with impurities. Rebalances the acid mantle of the skin without adding fat. It has healing, soothing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. Maintains hydration throughout the day.
avocado wrinkle cream
Protects the skin from external factors. Suitable for all skin types lacking in hydration and prone to blemishes and wrinkles. Moisturizes the skin and helps repair it.
CC Cream pearl perfection spf 25-pa+++
Perfecting facial treatment for immediate beauty, the result of the combination of the results of facial care and the finish of makeup. Its ultra-light formula guarantees its perfect application and offers an impeccable appearance throughout the day, thanks to its...
Fruit Concentrate Peeling
Prodigiously renewed skin thanks to this natural facial scrub based on fruits and powerful biotechnological active ingredients. Formulated with pomegranate enzymes and lemon and orange extracts, it removes dead cells and roughness, providing softness and comfort to the skin. Turkish...
Sensitive skin extract
Indicated for sensitive skin with couperose and irritated. Soothing and moisturizing properties. Helps strengthen the epidermis. It keeps the skin smooth, uniform and hydrated without adding fat. HOW TO USE It is recommended to apply in the morning before the...
Mud facial mask
Indicated for dry skin, with marks and blemishes. The properties of the Dead Sea make it a powerful antioxidant and tissue strengthener thanks to the minerals and trace elements found only in this place on Earth. The Massada Mud Mask...
Anti-wrinkle regenerating cream
Ideal for mature skin lacking light and life. Recovers and strengthens elasticity, preventing stains and aging.
Complete whitening moisturizer spf 25-pa+++
Moisturizing cream for daily use that improves and unifies skin tone without destroying melanocytes, and hydrates it from the inside thanks to the effective Massada moisturizing complex. The result is a more uniform, smooth and retexturized skin.
Hyaluronic Acid Christmas Box
HYALURONIC ACID CHRISTMAS BOX with 25% DISCOUNT Ultra moisturizing treatment with an immediate lifting effect that manages to optimize the process of collagen synthesis from the inside. The appropriate combination of hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights manages to penetrate the...
Jojoba Moisturizing Serum
Indicated for dry, dehydrated, scaly and blemish-prone skin. Properties: hydrates, provides smoothness, softens and revitalizes tissues.
Purifying Whitening Emulsion
Moisturizing and purifying emulsion that unifies the face and prevents the appearance of spots without destroying melanocytes. Its naturally-derived whitening active ingredients exert a powerful lightening action, allowing the skin to recover its natural tone and reducing blemishes. Provides deep...

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