Energetic lifting complex cream
Indicated for skin that begins to perceive a lack of firmness, elasticity and dehydration. Reduces unsightly capillaries and helps the formation of new collagen fibers. HOW TO USE Apply every morning with circular toning movements on the face, neck and...
Sensitive skin cleansing milk
Cleanses in depth without producing irritations, taking maximum care of the skin. It frees the skin of its impurities, calming it, maintaining and reinforcing its acid mantle. HOW TO USE Apply morning and night a small amount with circular movements....
Sensitive Skin Tonic
Soothing and strengthening facial toner with prebiotics for sensitive, fragile and irritated skin. Biotechnological marine prebiotics balance the facial flora, which acts as a defense barrier for the skin. It has decongestant and soothing properties. Its application is essential for...
sensitive skin cream
Intense moisturizing cream for sensitive skin that softens and smoothes the skin. It strengthens the skin, protecting it from pollution and preventing the appearance of irritation and redness. In addition, biotechnological marine prebiotics balance the facial flora, which acts as...
Beauty and youth enhancing serum that deeply nourishes thanks to its high-performance formula composed of an exclusive marine prebiotic with rebalancing action. Its concentrate of active ingredients, such as vegan hyaluronic acid, intensely moisturizes and soothes the skin. HOW TO...
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Bio cell regenerating cream
A cream that maintains skin hydration for 24 hours, reviving its luminosity and vitality. Soy and Rosehip reduce wrinkles and blemishes, while the Massada TM complex, rich in vitamins and minerals, combats the signs of premature aging thanks to its...
Multivitamin fusion
Revitalizing multivitamin concentrate, based on Chia and Pink Grapefruit extracts, which combines 7 essential vitamins and 100% natural active ingredients to prevent skin oxidation and premature ageing. Its immediate and cumulative action transforms lifeless and dry skin into a rejuvenated,...
Hyaluronic acid lifting mask
For all skin types that show signs of flaccidity, atony or loss of firmness. Properties: activates the regeneration of collagen and elastin molecules while improving skin tone and firmness.
Sensitive skin extract
Indicated for sensitive skin with couperose and irritated. Soothing and moisturizing properties. Helps strengthen the epidermis. It keeps the skin smooth, uniform and hydrated without adding fat. HOW TO USE It is recommended to apply in the morning before the...
shea butter scrub
This gentle facial and body scrub prevents blemishes and roughness on the skin and is especially suitable for dry, sensitive and/or scaly skin. Shea butter is an active vegetable oil that provides great protection in sensitive skin treatments that have...
Facial mask sensitive skin
Indicated as a powerful skin soother in any situation in which it is reddened. It contains rebalancing properties, calms redness, moisturizes and decongests the skin. HOW TO USE Once a week, apply to clean skin after the Sensitive Skin Toner....
Prebiotics Skin Calming Bio Facial Mask
Extreme comfort with the Massada second-skin effect mask, especially indicated to reduce redness, calm and quench the most sensitive skin. Biotechnological marine prebiotics balance the facial flora, which acts as a defense barrier for the skin. The floral extracts of...
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