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Bio cell regenerating cream
A cream that maintains skin hydration for 24 hours, reviving its luminosity and vitality. Soy and Rosehip reduce wrinkles and blemishes, while the Massada TM complex, rich in vitamins and minerals, combats the signs of premature aging thanks to its...
Biocellular total eye contour
To care for and protect the delicate area around the eyes, helping to combat and improve its 4 main problems. Wrinkles: reducing depth. Bags: draining and improving microcirculation. Dark circles: attenuating them, improving their tone and luminosity. Firming the contour...
Bio Celular Botanic Eye Make-Up Remover
Quickly and effectively removes the most resistant eye and lip makeup thanks to this powerful biphasic formula based on floral extracts. A natural and innovative solution compatible with sensitive eyes and the use of contact lenses.
Biocellular regenerating serum
A restorative concentrate that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin to alleviate the signs of cellular oxidation and achieve firmer and more hydrated tissues, improving the appearance of tired and lifeless skin. Reduces spots and unifies the tone.
Bio Celular Botanic Micellar Water
Fusion of botanical extracts that removes make-up in depth in a single gesture. Its floral micelles effectively capture dirt particles, eliminating any type of residue. Soothes and softens the skin, giving it a silky appearance.
Eau de fleur thermal water with the rose of alexandria
For constant hydration, each spray remineralizes and tones the skin, providing a pleasant sensation of freshness that revitalizes and soothes the complexion. Prevents dehydration and loss of moisture from the skin. Suitable for all skin types.
Bio celular radiance dd cream spf 25-pa+++
Anti-pollution Daily Defense Cream with a light natural color and a high concentration of pure extracts from organic plants rich in enzymes and vitamins, which prevent aging and oxidation. Its iridescent mineral pigments and satin texture create a healthy and...
Biocellular Intensive Cell Renewal
Intensive cellular renewal scrub that unifies the general tone of the skin, helps to reduce and blur blemishes, wrinkles and irregularities, improving its vitality and defenses, giving the appearance of healthy and young skin.
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