Bio cell regenerating cream
Maintains skin hydration for 24 hours. Revive its brigthness and vitality. Soy and Rosehip reduce wrinkles and blemishes. The Massada TM complex, rich in vitamins and minerals, figth the signs of premature aging thanks to its powerful antioxidant action. HOW...
Biocellular total Eye Contour
To protect and take care of the delicate area around the eyes, helping to combat and improve its 4 main problems. Wrinkles: reducing depth. Bags: draining and improving microcirculation. Dark circles: attenuating them, improving their tone and luminosity. Firming the...
Biocellular regenerating serum
A restorative concentrate that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin to stop the signs of cellular oxidation and achieve firmer and more hydrated tissues, improving the appearance of tired and lifeless skin. Reduces spots and evens out the tone.
Cleanser and exfoliant for daily use that leaves the skin luminous, soft and elastic. Rebalances and protects the skin's acid mantle, accelerating cell renewal and removing dead surface cells through the exfoliating action of the pearls.
Natural peeling of mud and dead sea salts with silk proteins
Smoothes wrinkles, expression lines, stretch marks or orange peel skin. Thanks to the synergy created by the union of mud and salts with silk proteins that soften and hydrate, we achieve extraordinary results on the skin of the face and...
bearberry whitening extract
Indicated for skin with pigmentation, spots and acne. This effective extract based on Uva Ursi prevents the formation of spots and unifies the natural tone of the skin. Contains gallic tannins.
Facial Mask Oily Acne
Special for oily skin, dilated pores, lipomas, blackheads and skin purification. It has purifying, astringent, antiseptic, healing, purifying and regenerating properties.
Prodigiously renewed skin thanks to this natural facial scrub based on fruits and powerful biotechnological active ingredients. Formulated with pomegranate enzymes and lemon and orange extracts, it removes dead cells and roughness, providing softness and comfort to the skin. Turkish...
Indicated for dry skin, with marks and blemishes. The properties of the Dead Sea make it a powerful antioxidant and tissue strengthener thanks to the minerals and trace elements found only in this place on Earth. The Massada Mud Mask...
Biocellular Intensive Cell Renewal
Intensive cellular renewal scrub that unifies the general tone of the skin, helps reducing and bluring blemishes, wrinkles and irregularities, improving its vitality and defenses, giving the appearance of healthy and young skin.
Ideal for mature skin lacking light and life. Recovers and strengthens elasticity, preventing stains and aging.
whitening mask
Unifies skin tone creating a noticeably more even and radiant appearance. This effective mask prevents and lightens spots produced by time, pregnancy, the sun and acne thanks to its complex formula based on Uva Ursi and Mimosa. It will recover...
For all types of skin with a lack of elasticity, marks, blemishes, and the need to recover its smooth and smooth appearance. Regulates cell growth. Essential for burns, ulcerations and peeling. It has revitalizing, regenerating, moisturizing and repairing properties.
Indicated for mature, dry skin that lacks vitality. Its use is recommended before and after medical-aesthetic treatments to enhance results and maintain the integrity of the epidermis structure. With great nourishing and repairing power, it helps prevent oxidation and aging...
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