Lift & sculpt perfect body lotion
Recover the firmness and youth of your body. Melting and rapidly absorbed lotion, capable of redefining the silhouette and firming the tissues. the coralline algae Jania Rubens and controlled release silicon, in combination with the power of Hyaluronic Acid and...
Natural peeling of mud and dead sea salts with silk proteins
Smoothes wrinkles, expression lines, stretch marks or orange peel skin. Thanks to the synergy created by the union of mud and salts with silk proteins that soften and hydrate, we achieve extraordinary results on the skin of the face and...
Minceur intensive cream
A cream for daily use with great reducing power that helps eliminate accumulated fat cells, inhibits the creation of new fat deposits and reduces orange peel skin. The unique formula of Minceur Intensive Cream acts as a fat eater in...
Massroller Body Sculptor
This body massager for daily use and easy to use acts on cellulite, orange peel skin and localized fat, seeking visibly firmer and smoother skin. A remodeling treatment that combines a system of LED lights with radiofrequency, EMS (muscle electrostimulation)...
algae reducing gel
It has slimming, anti-cellulite, circulatory, diuretic and draining properties.
apple cider vinegar capsules
It stimulates the elimination of liquids and facilitates the elimination of fats and toxins thanks to its detoxifying action. It relieves abdominal swelling and its purifying and remineralizing effect increases the secretion of enzymes related to fat digestion.
Intensive slimming capsules
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Capsules Tonalín ® 1000 mg. They reduce body fat. Various studies have shown that Tonalin plays a key role in regulating body composition. Inhibits Lipoproteinlipase and stimulates fat metabolism. Keep in mind that changing eating habits...
algae reducing extract
Great power to reduce cellulite and fat. Promotes revascularization, responsible for the drainage of fat nodules.
Cellulite coffee therapy gel
It attacks cellulite and fat, activating the metabolism. Helps to eliminate toxins and liquids, thanks to the action of caffeine.
Massada selects for you an exclusive combination of stems and leaves of plants, to offer you the ideal food supplement in your diets.Formula designed to help in the treatment of overweight and obesity. Helps metabolize fats and activates metabolism.
Cellulite coffee therapy cream
Anti-cellulite cream that attacks cellulite and fat by activating the metabolism. Helps to eliminate toxins and liquids thanks to the action of caffeine. Its cream formula allows greater hydration.
Gel de Ducha Lymphatic drainage
Improves lymphatic and blood circulation, preventing fluid retention. Its refreshing action improves the feeling of tired legs.
Massada selects for you an exclusive combination of plant stems and leaves, creating a unique product. FitoDren is ideal to take as a food supplement in body cleansing diets.Due to its formula, it is indicated for all those people with...
Intensive Slimming Ducha Gel
Bath and/or shower gel that attacks cellulite, stimulates, tones and detoxifies tissues and eliminates orange peel skin. Ideal and essential complement for the global treatment against cellulite.
The force of nature concentrated in an exclusive combination of organic plants with a delicious flavor and stimulating aroma that helps your figure.
Coffee Shower Gel
Activator, metabolizes and helps drain toxins and impurities.
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