Sensitive skin cleansing milk
97% ingredients of natural origin. Deep cleaning and treatment in a single product. In only 2 weeks , your skin looks new and healthy. It only contains pure extracts of plants and does not contain water, which makes this milk...
Cleanser and exfoliant for daily use that leaves the skin luminous, soft and elastic. Rebalances and protects the skin's acid mantle, accelerating cell renewal and removing dead surface cells through the exfoliating action of the pearls.
Oily skin cleansing milk
Indicated for oily and skin with acne. Regulates the skin without dehydrating it, helps control excess oil and balances the skin's acid mantle. It also regulates secretions and oxygenates tissues. With anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties.
Bio Celular Botanic Eye Make-Up Remover
Quickly and effectively removes the most resistant eye and lip makeup thanks to this powerful biphasic formula based on floral extracts. A natural and innovative solution compatible with sensitive eyes and the use of contact lenses.
Clean and soften your skin with the Massada mud soap. Removes dead cells and impurities, and provides a special luminosity to the skin. We have formulated it for you with more than 31 minerals and enriched with natural essences to...
Bio Celular Botanic Micellar Water
Fusion of botanical extracts that removes make-up in depth in a single gesture. Its floral micelles effectively capture dirt particles, eliminating all type of residue. Calms and softens the skin, giving it a silky appearance.
Purifying Whitening Hydrogel
Cleansing gel for daily use that cleanses and purifies the skin, removing traces of makeup and impurities. Its fresh and light texture blends perfectly, providing a comfortable sensation of cleanliness and freshness. Helps unify skin tone, achieving a smoother, finer,...
Invisible Pores Skin Refiner Bio Facial Mask
Innovative second-skin effect mask, especially indicated for oily skin with enlarged pores and blackheads, and/or skin subjected to high levels of pollution. Its powerful oil-free formula based on active carbon and polysaccharides from natural biotechnology, immediately reduces pores and excess...
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