Pearl jelly and yogurt with trace elements
Cleanser and exfoliant for daily use that leaves the skin luminous, soft and elastic. Rebalances and protects the skin's acid mantle, accelerating cell renewal and removing dead surface cells through the exfoliating action of the pearls.
Natural peeling of mud and dead sea salts with silk proteins
Smoothes wrinkles, expression lines, stretch marks or orange peel skin. Thanks to the synergy created by the union of mud and salts with silk proteins that soften and hydrate, we achieve extraordinary results on the skin of the face and...
Hands cream regeneration
Biostimulant, healing, nourishing and moisturizing properties. Regenerates and restores its smoothness to the skin. With sun protection factor.
Regenerating body milk
Moisturizing, firming, toning and regenerating the skin. Specially designed to help maintain your health and beauty. Provides firmness, prevents flaccidity, restores the luminosity and texture of young and healthy skin.
Bio cellular rosehip oil
A creamy lotion indicated to restructure the skin of the whole body. Improves tone and elasticity while mitigating blemishes and stretch marks. Regenerates and provides deep hydration, even to the most delicate skin.
Anti stretch marks cream
Effective in the treatment and prevention of stretch marks. Gives elasticity and firmness to the skin by regenerating collagen and elastin molecules. It has regenerating, tightening and firming properties. Helps to create new collagen and elastin fibers, prevents skin breakdown...
Aloe vera & Asian centella gel
It has regenerating, biostimulating, moisturizing and restructuring properties. Essential after aesthetic medical treatments with Laser or Pulsed Light and after shaving or waxing.
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