Dead sea mud natural remineralizing soap
Clean and soften your skin with the Massada mud soap. Removes dead cells and impurities, and provides a special luminosity to the skin. We have formulated it for you with more than 31 minerals and enriched with natural essences to...
Hydroalcoholic gel - Clean hands
Hydroalcoholic hand gel with a neutral pH formulated with protective Echinacea extract and Niaouli and Lemon essential oil for deep cleansing. This effective cleansing gel with a high alcohol content cares for the skin and does not need to be...
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Cellulite coffee therapy gel
It attacks cellulite and fat, activating the metabolism. Helps to eliminate toxins and liquids, thanks to the action of caffeine.
Gel de Ducha Lymphatic drainage
Improves lymphatic and blood circulation, preventing fluid retention. Its refreshing action improves the feeling of tired legs.
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Intensive Slimming Ducha Gel
Bath and/or shower gel that attacks cellulite, stimulates, tones and detoxifies tissues and eliminates orange peel skin. Ideal and essential complement for the global treatment against cellulite.
Coffee Shower Gel
Activator, metabolizes and helps drain toxins and impurities.
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