Lift & sculpt perfect body lotion
Recover the firmness and youth of your body. Melting and rapidly absorbed lotion, capable of redefining the silhouette and firming the tissues. the coralline algae Jania Rubens and controlled release silicon, in combination with the power of Hyaluronic Acid and...
Massroller Body Sculptor
This body massager for daily use and easy to use acts on cellulite, orange peel skin and localized fat, seeking visibly firmer and smoother skin. A remodeling treatment that combines a system of LED lights with radiofrequency, EMS (muscle electrostimulation)...
Bust Beauty Bust Volumizing Oil
Accentuates the appearance of the breasts thanks to this firming oil that rejuvenates and beautifies the bust naturally. With highly regenerative power, it exerts an antioxidant effect that slows down cellular aging. It incorporates Ylang-Ylang, which provides a sensation of...
Bust Beauty Bust Firming Gel
Gel that provides an effective response against skin relaxation and lack of firmness of the bust. It favors the synthesis of the natural support fibers of the bust. Its natural active ingredients with an immediate tensor effect achieve firmer and...
Regenerating body milk
Moisturizing, firming, toning and regenerating the skin. Specially designed to help maintain your health and beauty. Provides firmness, prevents flaccidity, restores the luminosity and texture of young and healthy skin.
Bio cellular rosehip oil
A creamy lotion indicated to restructure the skin of the whole body. Improves tone and elasticity while mitigating blemishes and stretch marks. Regenerates and provides deep hydration, even to the most delicate skin.
firming gel
firming gel
Gel that intensely firms. The skin appears to be smoother and firmer. It stimulates the collagen and elastin fibers that reinforce the natural bra. It nourishes the skin and leaves it soft and supple. Tones, firms, revitalizes and increases the...
Lifting complex ha & collagen
The nutritional supplement Lifting Complex HA & Collagen from Massada is the ideal complement to anti-aging treatments. Its exclusive formula based on Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, so essential in the structure of our skin, make this nutritional supplement the perfect...
Anti stretch marks cream
Effective in the treatment and prevention of stretch marks. Gives elasticity and firmness to the skin by regenerating collagen and elastin molecules. It has regenerating, tightening and firming properties. Helps to create new collagen and elastin fibers, prevents skin breakdown...
Rosemary oil
The toning and stimulating action of Rosemary Oil is ideal for combating muscle and joint pain, tired legs and physical fatigue, among others.
thyme oil
thyme oil
Vegetable oil with toning, muscular and balsamic action.
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