Lotus & silk global redensifying cream
Luxurious cream formulated by combining Lotus flower and exclusive active ingredients such as Silk, Coriolus, White Thyme and White Nettle that will redensify and revitalize your skin, giving it a totally improved and toned appearance from the inside. It acts...
Lotus & silk global redensifying serum
Exclusive and extraordinary serum that acts through endomodulation processes and thanks to a luxurious combination of Lotus Flower and active ingredients such as Silk, Coriolus, White Thyme and White Nettle. Your skin will be reborn, redensified and will recover a...
Lip lines volumizing filler day
Great palliative against external agents, it has a sun protection factor in its formulation. It allows you to feel the contour of the lip smooth, toned and full of energy. Provides luminosity avoiding the optical sensation of darkening characteristic of...
Lip lines volumizing filler night
Unique for its smoothness and fluidity, it has great absorption power that helps the skin activate and deeply nourish the connective tissue, thus improving its ability to respond to external agents that cause aging. Prevents stains, sagging and wrinkles.
Lotus & silk redensifying intensive mask
Luxurious mask that redensifies the skin from the inside, multiplying the thickness of the tissues. This exquisite formulation manages to increase the natural volume of the cells, filling each wrinkle and furrow. Especially indicated for mature and/or aged skin. After...
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